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Staging, that is, the presentation, image or appearance, is a crucial step in any sales effort. When it comes to selling real estate, it is important to create a good impression on your visitors through presentation techniques, “staging”. It is a very effective way to compete with sellers in the area.

Here are some wonderful "staging" techniques to attract potential buyers.

 1. Take care of the first impression. The first impression is created when the visitor approaches your home. Many of them are even decided before entering the property. This is where landscaping and cleanup come into the picture. Make sure the lawn is free of dead leaves, all shrubs are trimmed, and flowering plants welcome visitors. In addition, keep the entrance, paths and parking gate clean.

 2. Clean the bathroom and kitchen. Two very important spaces are the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure that both are spotlessly clean and that everything is in good repair in terms of appliances and fixtures. Clean the windows and mirrors so that there is enough natural light inside the house. Put new, white towels in the bathroom to give it a fresh and relaxed look. Use fragrances in both spaces to give the feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

 3. Forget about presenting an empty property. Many homeowners try to remove all furniture from their home to make their rooms appear larger than they are. However, it makes it difficult for a visitor to imagine life on the property. The tendency is to rent furniture if the property is unoccupied, and you want to prepare "a staging". The furniture gives meaning to the space and makes the environment more attractive to the visitor. Make sure that the furniture that is rented for the different rooms is functional and looks nice and comfortable for the visitor.

 4. Choose harmonious colors. Painting is a quick and relatively cheap option, and it always helps to add magic to a property. The charm and smell of freshly painted walls can be very appealing to all prospective buyers. Be sure to choose neutral colors, they give a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and serenity.

 5. Virtual staging. In case you decide not to invest the money and time necessary to condition the property, you always have the option of "Virtual staging". It is not advisable to show empty images of the rooms when they can be given life and beauty, very easily, with beautiful and sophisticated virtual furniture. This not only increases the interest of the potential buyer, but it will also help you sell your property faster and at a competitive price